Am I responsible for arranging any tests or permits?
No. GLOBAL HORSE TRANSPORT, INC. will complete all necessary tests required on your behalf. 

Will transportation to/from the quarantine center?
You can choose to pick up your horse once released from Quarantine (Imports only) or we can arrange vanning for you to your stable. We will work with you to best suit needs and budgets. 

When importing a horse to the USA am I required to move the animal from the airport to the quarantine facility?
No, Global does this, in approved USDA sealed vans and it is always included in our price. 

Am I allowed to see my horse be loaded/unloaded at the airport?
Do to tightened security, only authorized personnel are allowed on the Tarmacs. A global Representative will advise you of progress of your horse, and let you know when wheels are up (or down). 

Who deals with Customs authorities in the port of departure and/or arrival?
Global and/or its agencies will act on your behalf for customs. You will need to fill out some pertinent forms for your shipment, and a Global Representative will go over them with you. 

What equipment is required and provided for by Global?
A head collar is required for shipment. Global supplies the rest, hay, water, a qualified animal attendant, shipping containers etc…. as well as a comfortable atmosphere. 

Should my horse wear leg bandages or a blanket?
GLOBAL HORSE TRANSPORT, INC. generally recommends against the use of leg bandages and wraps. If your horse is used to such bandages however we will ensure your horse travels with them on, and that they arrive with your horse. When provided, blankets will be shipped with your horse and used when appropriate. 

What happens during the flight? Is my horse watered, fed, tranquilized?
Your horse will be attended to by one of our highly qualified Professional animal attendants. They monitor and attended to your horse during the flight. They feed and water them during the flight and may even sing them a lullaby. If there is a problem they will work with a vet upon landing to minimize any problems, and ensure your horse’s safe arrival. Contrary to popular belief, we try not at all costs to tranquilize horses during flights. If it is done, it is required for safety of all, and this information will be given to you ASAP.

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