International Airfreight
GLOBAL HORSE TRANSPORT, INC. offers excellent service to its’ customers in providing worldwide logistical Equine solutions. We pride ourselves on our no hassell attitude and handle every single detail required to ship your horse safely, in full compliance with local laws and as quickly as possible.

Horse Equipment & Shipper Grooms
Global Horse Transport, Inc. takes care of every aspect of your horse’s shipment. This includes your equipment and grooms. While a professional Global appointed groom would always fly with your horse, we can also arrange for your personal groom (or even yourself) to fly with your horse. This service is limited to certain flights, and background screening will be required. We know at Global that with horses comes equipment. We can handle your needs and ship your horse and equipment together so you have no hassels when you arrive at your show. 

As requirements for every country differ significantly for both imports and exports, we will review these specific regulations with you at the time of your shipment. Having a global network of agencies provides GLOBAL HORSE TRANSPORT, INC. with the capability of obtaining information on Customs requirements worldwide. 

Quarantine Space and requirements
When it comes to Quarantine space, Global has you covered. We work hard to ensure we have adequate space for all our customer’s demands AND THAT THERE’S NO NEED TO WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK BECAUSE QUARNATINE IS FULL. We will review what is required for your shipment and give you all details or the facility used. 

Insurance Services
GLOBAL HORSE TRANSPORT, INC. is pleased to offer you a network of preferred insurance brokers. We do not offer insurance to customers directly, and assume all horses are insured and that horses are shipped at owners risk. 

Charter Services
Whether you have a large shipment, looking to go somewhere remote, or are organizing an international event, Global Can offer you a charter to suit your needs.

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